The solution to help create a safe workspace for you and your team

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Back to work more easily

The WATpod is the new device that makes working (apart) together possible again.
Working safely by keeping 1.5m might be difficult in most industries, but with the WATpod you can!



It gives your employees both an audible and visual signal once another WATpod is detected within the safe zone.


With highly sensitive transmitters and receivers all safe zones are extremely accurate.

From the box

WATpod works straight from the box, is fully autonomous and does not store any personal information.


  • WATpod uses a highly sensitive transmitter/receiver to detect other devices
  • Programmable Safe Distance (between 1,5 – 3 meters/ 5 to 10 feet)
  • Signal starts if a WATpod detects another unit within range and stops again when out of range
  • Each device can optionally keep track of the total “exposure” and will give visual indication once pre-set threshold is reached
  • Alarm level, safe distance and exposure threshold can be set using the WATpod control module
  • Wireless rechargeable battery

Flexible plans with no suprises

Choose the plan that gets your company safely back to work

Starters pack

625,00 excl VAT
  • 1- WATpod control module + software
  • 1- Wireless charging station
  • 5 WATpods

WATpod add-on

375,00 excl VAT
  • 5 WATpods

Charging Station

200,00 excl VAT
  • 1 Additional Charging Station

Want to order above 250 WATpods? Please contact us.



The WATpod is currently in production.

We expect to ship the first orders by the end of july.

WATpod is not liable for any loss of income if the delivery date has to be postponed.

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